Speed. Precision. Reliability.

Speed. Precision. Reliability.

Measurement and Analytical Technology for Champions

The Winning Team in the Race to Quality

ECR Engines is a high-performance engine production and development company that has earned over 250 victories in NASCAR racing series including the legendary Daytona 500. The company extracts the maximum performance from conventional V8 engines by relentlessly engineering parts to find every possible bit of incremental improvement and through systematic quality inspection of all failure prone parts. Over the last few years, ECR Engines has replaced their equipment from other vendors and is now operates exclusively with ZEISS instruments.

The two best things about our experience with Zeiss have been the quality and dependability of the tools and the level of service and support that we’ve received. It’s been far past our expectations. Both of those things have translated to competitive advantage for us on the race track. 

Jim Suth, Quality Manager – ECR Engines

What Limits Will You Push? Find Your Competitive Edge.

Like auto racing, your research also deserves the best tools to help you identify those all-important, incremental performance improvements in your materials and processes. Learn more about the unrivaled ZEISS portfolio of high-precision instruments used in the ECR quality lab:

ZEISS Microscopy Systems for Inspection, Surface Analysis, and Materials Research

Stereo Discovery.V20
Stereo microscope with 20x zoom for imaging at large field of view and best depth perception

ECR uses this for:

  • New component visual inspection
  • Defect analysis, e.g. contamination, corrosion pitting, scratches, mechanical damage
  • Automated acquisition of large-area images

Smartzoom 5
Digital light microscope for fast inspection, routine job automation and efficient documentation

ECR uses this for:

  • Component wear inspection
  • Inspection of super-finished reflective surfaces
  • Correlative microscopy to define regions of interest for further SEM examination

Smartproof 5
Confocal microscope for non-contact three-dimensional surface finish and texture analysis

ECR uses this for:

  • Non-contact surface finish characterization of soft materials
  • Defect and porosity analysis of bearings
  • Correlative measurement in combination with tactile methods

Axio Observer 7
Integrated metallographic microscope system for investigation and development of materials

ECR uses this for:

  • New material and coating characterization for critical engine applications
  • Particle analysis, e.g. alloy cleanliness, dry-film lubricants, hard thin film coatings

Scanning electron microscope for materials characterization and in-depth failure analysis

ECR uses this for:

  • Failure analysis of components like springs, bolts and valves
  • Particle analysis, e.g. piston skirt wear, bearing wear, valve seat wear, oil pump wear
  • Chemical analysis

ZEISS Metrology Solutions for Surface, Contour and Form Measuring

Digital measuring projector for easy and reliable 2D measurement at the push of a button

ECR uses this for:

  • Quick repetitive optical inspection of various components, e.g. rocker arm geometry, piston groove measurement, valve locks, springs, clips

Multi-sensor measuring machine for optical and tactile measuring at reliable 3D accuracy

ECR uses this for:

  • Dimensional measurement of smaller engine parts like connecting rods
  • Measurement tasks that require high throughput

Compact bridge-type CMM for flexible, reliable and uncompromising quality assurance

ECR uses this for:

  • Contour measurement of connecting rods and pistons
  •  Special project measurements

Combined CNC measuring station for contour and surface measuring with high accuracy in the Z axis

ECR uses this for:

  • Surface measurement of super-finished crankshafts
  • Contour and geometry measurement of various components

Form tester with the highest accuracy in its class and CNC-guided rotating and pivoting of the stylus

ECR uses this for:

  • Form and position tolerance measurement of valves and pistons

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