Shortcutting prototype to production. ZEISS ProtoSpeed

Plastic Prototyping. Shortcutted.

Rapid reduction of iteration loops, due to high-end integrated anlaysis and true data measurement.

Process optimization in plastic production by using ZEISS solutions

Discover defects that have already occurred during the production process, like sink marks, easily and quickly!

This enables you to immediately optimize individual parameters such as injection pressure, holding pressure, shutter speeds or nozzle temperature on the basis of the gained knowledge.

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Achieve perfection, 50% ahead of time.

Need a range of iteration loops in the tool correction process that are much too expensive? Want to sharpen your competitive edge?

The software ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING allows you to save not only at least 50% of the iteration loops, but also to launch the production process more quickly.

Shortcutting prototype to production

ZEISS ProtoSpeed. Better.

Highres Scanning, True Data Analysis
and Virtual Part Refinement

In-process data analysis

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Post-print heat treatment & part removal

Successful build requires various post-processing treatments to ensure dimensional accuracy and optimal material properties. After printing, the part is still attached to the build plate. It is then heat-treated and removed with wire EDM. To better understand the influence of those processes on final quality, a CMM or optical 3D scanner can be used.


Defects & inner structure inspection

The quality of powder and how it is spread during the build process might cause voids or material impurity to form in the structure. Inspecting the quality of the build with light microscopes or internal structures with high-resolution x-ray computed tomography helps to determine process parameters influence and faster define a possible path to achieve optimal settings.


Post-print material quality inspection

The additive manufacturing process, unlike classic manufacturing methods, requires powders to be melted during the build. Melt temperatures and process parameters greatly affect the crystallographic composition and, as a consequence, part properties.


Dimensional and surface quality inspection

Dimensional accuracy and surface finish are critical to ensure proper assembly and consistent mating across multiple parts. The surface finish can be analyzed with optical methods, and the internal surface is examined with x-ray computed tomography. Dimensional accuracy of the final part can be validated either with coordinate measuring machines, optical 3D Scanning or with x-ray computed tomography.


Process data statistics & analytics

Collection and analysis of data across the entire process chain with ZEISS PiWeb provides a deep understanding of how process changes might correlate with different dimensional and material properties. Clear visual representation and correlation of results across all process steps help to quickly and more efficiently develop printing strategies while increasing yield.

Precision in plastics

Although Unika in Denmark is a medium-sized company, it has highly specialized knowledge in the production of injection molded plastic parts which is appreciated by customers all over the world. Even competitors buy there because of the unsurpassed quality. This is ensured by ZEISS measuring solutions, including the optical 3D scanning system COMET.

ZEISS Portfolio for Plastic Production

9 benefits accelerating plastic prototyping.

  • Easy applicability.
  • Versatile applications.
  • Cross process true data transparency.
  • Holostic process chain.
  • Accuratest insights.
  • Higher throughput.
  • Faster prototyping.
  • Less iterations steps.
  • Sooner series production start.

Light Microscope (LM)

High-resolution and high-speed optical profilometer for detailed surface analysis.

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Inverted optical microscope for material analysis and detailed inspection of build patterns and cross sections.

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With the digital microscope it is possible to view the sample from multiple directions while maintaining focus for speed and simplicity of use.

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X-ray Computed Tomography (X-ray CT)

High-resolution X-ray CT to support detail analysis of powders, surfaces, and structures with voxel size down to 70 nm.

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High accuracy X-ray CT to support dimensional verification and defect analysis of parts with complex internal and external structures.

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High-speed X-ray CT to support automated di-mensional verification and defect detection of mass production quantities.

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Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

The compact shop floor CMM allows investigation of post-build processes, showing any influences on dimensional accuracy of finished parts.

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3D Scanning

The 3D scanner sensor offers a high measuring speed, quickly showing any post-build process influences on the dimensional accuracy of a finished part.

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Data Management

ZEISS PiWeb is a scalable IT solution for quality data management which helps you organize the information flow resulting from Industry 4.0.

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