ZEISS Atline Solutions

Metrologically traced serial and analytical measurements

Bring quality assurance to your production line. Our powerful optical and tactile sensors together with robust kinematics enable you to efficiently combine maximum productivity with high precision and accuracy - even atline.



Multi-sensor horizontal arm machine

ZEISS CALENO Hambot is the new generation of horizontal arm machines in metrology, combining high performance of a robot with the capabilities of traditional horizontal arm machines.
ZEISS CALENO is a combination of CMM accuracy, collaborative system and an outstanding multi-sensor system with an automatic tool changer. Maximum versatility and highest performance ensure higher travel speed, acceleration and accuracy in the measuring room and near production.
With its combination of high-performance optical and tactile sensors ZEISS CALENO ensures maximum productivity and precision.


Optical 3D measuring machine

ZEISS ScanBox is an all-in-one solution for an efficient quality control in production and manufacturing processes. The standardized measuring machines offer an all-in-one solution: Programming, automated digitizing, inspection and reporting. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and the virtual measuring room (VMR) as the central control and measurement planning software, ZEISS ScanBox is easy to use. The optical 3D measuring machine provides fully automated full-field deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data in a short amount of time.

Image of ZEISS ScanBox

ZEISS Atline Solutions: Success Stories

By using ZEISS ScanBox optical 3D measuring machine, sources of error can be identified at an early stage and necessary corrections can be initiated in the production process. The system for different part sizes and applications impresses with its robustness, speed and precision and is used worldwide for quality assurance in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, aerospace and energy. Learn more about this in our success stories.

Coko-Werk GmbH & Co. KG

The system supplier for technical plastic articles is specialized in the production of large parts. The company uses the optical 3D measuring machine ZEISS ScanBox at its development and innovation site in Bad Salzuflen, to ensure efficient quality control in the production process.



As a close partner of the automotive industry, LINDE + WIEMANN has been faced with increasing customer demands and ever more complex geometries for many years. This development requires constant adaptation of production and quality assurance processes. The automotive supplier regularly shares its measuring data with customers. The parallel operation of the ZEISS ScanBox systems accelerates the measuring procedures significantly.


ZEISS ScanBox Success Story Package

In our new industry insight package, you will learn more about the challenges and opportunities of a modern production. Discover the various possibilities of the ZEISS ScanBox for production-accompanying quality assurance systems by experiencing different real-life customer stories.

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