Your Definition of Flexibility

ZEISS flex Subscriptions

Your definition of flexibility is our definition of flexibility. With the new ZEISS flex Subscriptions you will be much more flexible when purchasing ZEISS software in the future. It enables you to react to situations and developments in your company dynamically.

What are ZEISS flex Subscriptions?

Similar to video or music streaming subscriptions, you can now also subscribe to ZEISS software products. This means that you purchase a subscription for the time you need and can start using the software shortly after.
You can manage your subscription (add / remove / cancel) in our 24/7 self-service and thus remain flexible at all times. The traditional alternative is a perpetual licence. Choose what suits you best.  

ZEISS subscription payment model


Pay a flat subscription fee for the usage of ZEISS software periodically and choose the duration of your subscription contract. Benefit from additional services.  

ZEISS perpetual payment model


Pay a one-time fee, giving you the right to use the software for many years. Purchase additional services and software updates e.g. with a ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement.

What are your benefits of ZEISS flex Subscriptions?

  • There is no initial investment, but small stable fees.
  • You have the possibility to always use the latest software version.
  • Add or remove licences and change capabilities easily.
  • Receive preferred hotline support.
  • Get access to ZEISS My Systems Premium.

Which products are available with subscriptions?

Currently you have the possibility to use two ZEISS Software products with a ZEISS flex Subscription:

  • ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING: Reverse engineering software including the options for tool correction and volume calculation.
  • ZEISS PiWeb: Software for scalable reporting and statistical analysis.
Available products for ZEISS flex Subscriptions

How to get your subscriptions

1) Free test phase

With ZEISS flex Subscriptions, you have the option of a free trial period for ZEISS software products. This allows you to extensively test the products directly in your environment and with your components.

2) Purchase of subscription

Are you happy with your test phase and would like to purchase the software as a subscription? Then contact your familiar ZEISS sales representatives or fill out the form at the bottom. They will help you to determine the final subscription configurations.

3) Download and activation of licence

You can download the software from the ZEISS Metrology Portal at any time. There you can also activate the licence with the licence key received from ZEISS and thus easily start your subscription.

4) Management of subscription

The ZEISS Metrology Portal gives you an overview of all your ZEISS flex Subscription contracts and allows you to customize them independently around the clock. Whether you want to add additional services, reduce them, or cancel them, you can do so with just a few clicks.

Flexible? More Flexible. The most flexible!

Combine your subscription with the best fitting licence model.

In addition to the flexibility offered by ZEISS flex Subscriptions, most products also offer the option of choosing between a single-use and concurrent use licence. If you need your solution most of the time at a specific workstation, the classic single-use licences are the best choice. If several users need flexible access to a product, this could be a use case for our newly added concurrent use licence.

Concurrent use license for ZEISS software


use licence

With the concurrent use licence you can use the software simultaneously on a pre-defined number of instances.

  • Gain more flexibility in how and when the software is used, leading to greater usage.
  • Eliminate the risk of failure of one instance.
  • Use the ZEISS solution flexibly across functions and departments.
Single use license for ZEISS software


use licence

With a single use licence your software products are licenced for every instance they are used on.

  • Clearly assigned licence to one instance.
  • Secured availability of licence when you need it.
  • Transparent allocation of software costs to one instance possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the perpetual and subscription license models?

Perpetual licenses are valid for one specific version of the related software product and they come with a one-time payment (investment) as well as an optional possibility for an upgrade or alternatively signing a ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) at extra cost.

Subscription licenses are available with monthly or annual payment options with no investment upfront and you are eligible to work with the latest version of the related software product as well as additional benefits during the full term of your subscription.

What are the benefits of the subscription licensing?

With a monthly or annual subscription, you will benefit from continuously developed new features allowing to work according to latest norm standards and regular productivity boosts for your investment. This is true for the term of your subscription agreement.

Since there is no upfront investment required, you can consider the subscription fee as the operating expenditure (OPEX) of your software package which helps you to avoid any unexpected cost and you can plan your budget according to your subscription term.

Additionally, the subscription licensing model will offer you increased flexibility, as you can easily scale your package at any time or even reduce the number of licenses in the future via our subscription self-service.

Contact our sales experts to understand even more benefits included in ZEISS subscriptions.

What is the duration of the available subscription licenses offered by ZEISS?

ZEISS offers monthly and annual subscription plans for the selected software products for increased flexibility.

How can I request a quotation for the software product that I wish to procure?

Please contact your ZEISS representative for a tailored quotation for our ZEISS subscription products. They are happy to assist you in defining an offer perfectly matching your needs in an open dialogue.

Where can I download the new version of my software and where do I get my licenses?

You can download the software updates from the ZEISS Download Center, within the ZEISS Metrology Portal at any time. Your licenses are also available in the ZEISS Metrology Portal in the ZEISS License Manager. Just simply join in the ZEISS Metrology Portal, get your ZEISS ID and start using the licenses.

Will I be informed about the renewal of my subscription prior the renewal date?

We want to achieve maximum transparency and only charge what you really need. Therefore, you will receive a personal notification from our team prior the renewal date of your annual software subscription to remind you for the upcoming renewal. To avoid frequent monthly reminders, you will not be informed about upcoming monthly subscription renewals.

Where and how can I submit feature request to contribute with new ideas to the further development of the software product that I am subscribed for?

We encourage you to send us your feature requests and ideas for further improvements of the product and service via "My Voice" that is accessible in the ZEISS Metrology Portal.

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Flexibility for ZEISS software