Magnifying Visual Devices for professional users

ZEISS Magnifying Visual Devices for professional users

In many occupations in the fields of medicine or high-tech, very high precision is necessary. Despite the user's normally good vision, the natural resolution of the eye is not good enough to clearly see every little detail. Here too special magnifying systems provide the help needed to see things that are important at work.

So-called head-worn loupes are often used here, which can be worn in many different ways, and which leave the hands free to work.

The optical systems range from "simple" head-worn loupes with low magnification to sophisticated binocular teleloupe systems with very high-quality optics. In combination with an additional LED light, these systems are the perfect equipment for professional users, who expect the highest precision from magnifying optical systems. Demanding detail work can be conducted precisely and reliably.

In choosing the most suitable system, an optician, as an expert for special vision tasks, is a consumer's first contact person. The ZEISS portfolio supports you in providing individualised consultation for your customers.

Selection of magnifying visual devices for use in medicine and high-tech:

  • Magnifiers – in many variations
  • Head-worn loupes L/LC – for comfortable detail work
  • Teleloupe spectacles GTX – the individual vision aid
  • Teleloupe spectacles G 2.5 TTL – the magnifying system for professional applications
  • Head-worn loupes KF and KS – flexible head-worn loupes
  • Teleloupe spectacles K bino TTL professional – the new binocular head-worn loupe that is individually fitted by an optician
  • Saphiro LED illumination system  – compact and high-powered


More information at the ZEISS Lens Compendium.