Magnifying Visual Devices for visually impaired

ZEISS Magnifying Visual Devices for the visually impaired

For most people good vision is a matter of course. And if they do have a problem with their vision, it is easily corrected through the use of spectacles or contact lenses.

Finding a solution is more difficult however, for people who suffer from a serious visual impairment and whose vision is strongly limited. People with a visual impairment have difficulties with everyday tasks, such as food shopping, dealing with money, reading the post and many other things. They also have difficulties orienting themselves at work and in public.

A serious visual impairment cannot be corrected with normal spectacles or contact lenses. In many cases however, it is possible with the help of magnifying visiual devices to improve a person's vision so that they can regain or maintain their independence to a great extent.

Systems that magnify vision such as magnifiers, illuminated loupes, magnifying spectacles with heightened additions or small-scale telescope systems, which can be integrated into spectacle frames help those affected to see the "small things" in life. It is important here to fit the vision devices to the individual wearer. With the high-value ZEISS portfolio of magnifying visiual devices, you can offer individual vision solutions for your customers based on their individual needs.

Selected magnifying visiual devices for the visually impaired:

  • VisuCard® – easy to use magnifier in credit card size
  • Magnifiers – in many variations
  • Head-worn magnifiers L/LC – for comfortable detail work
  • Magnifying spectacles – discreet and mild vision aid for on-the-go
  • Teleloupe spectacles – flexibility for near and far focusing
  • Hand telescopes – for greater mobility


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