ZEISS Frames

An unparalleled combination of design and function.

ZEISS and MENRAD working together successfully for 10 years. The time-honored histories of these two companies share the same values: Quality and precision.

Frame follows function. Instead of an end in itself, form expresses compelling functionality. This principle is consistently implemented in ZEISS frames. Each model is something special – especially when it comes to wearing comfort, durability and design.

The new ZEISS spectacle frames – something special in every way.


Wearing comfort
The wearer hardly notices the worn spectacles. They are comfortable, lightweight and fit perfectly without pressure points.

Hard-wearing, robust and extremely durable, the frames are designed, manufactured and tested according to international DIN EN ISO 12870 standards.

Unobtrusive and attractive, the spectacle frames accentuate the wearer's personality.

  • Frame follows function
    The timeless, minimalist styling of ZEISS precision spectacle frames is never overdone.
  • Unassuming design
    The restrained, linear design is subordinate to the wearer's personality. The somewhat wider frame temples add a modern touch without detracting from the lightweight appearance.

The portfolio consists of three collections: ErgoFlexx Frames, ErgoFlexx Individual and Children's frames:


ErgoFlexx Frames by ZEISS

ErgoFlexx Frames

The focus in this collection is on the customer benefit "wearing comfort". The ErgoFlexx frame temple design keeps this promise throughout the entire collection. A second feature is the super-flexible Flex Bridge with memory-metal effect. Specially designed for youngsters are the Air Active nose pads with added wearing comfort for sensitive noses.


Wearer benefits:


  • Frame follows function with special features: ErgoFlexx frame temples and Flex Bridge with memory-metal effect
  • Maximum wearing comfort thanks to lightweight frames that fit perfectly without pressure points
  • Good serviceability thanks to extremely durable, flexible materials
  • Minimalist design that accentuates the wearer's personality without dominating the face
  • Excellent vision with perfectly matched ZEISS lenses and ZEISS frames
ErgoFlexx Individual

ErgoFlexx Individual

ErgoFlexx Individual frames are selected according to a modular principle, in this way individual elements can be combined at will. This individually adaptable system offers a total of 6,180 possible different frame combinations.


Wearer benefits:


  • Maximum comfort when the frames are being worn, thanks to individually adapted temples and bridges
  • Tailored solution, enabling customers to try the frames on straight away
  • Optimum vision thanks to excellent adjustability and customisability

Children’s Frames

The ZEISS children's collection offers a maximum in functionality. An absolute novelty are the length adjustable, high-tech ErgoFlexx temples, designed especially for children in trendy and cheerful colours - an innovation protected and developed by Menrad specifically for the ZEISS brand. Highly flexible materials even during physical exercises: the ErgoFlexx temples are shock-proof and immediately return to their original position.

Wearer benefits:

  • Spectacle frames are comfortable and hardly noticeable.
  • Air Active air cushion silicone pads are incredibly light and fit every nose shape.
  • Length-adjustable frame temples that grow with a child's head.
  • Varied selection of temple designs - the perfect design for every child's taste.
Children’s Frames
Children’s Frames