ZEISS Contact lenses

ZEISS contact lenses are licensed by Wöhlk Contactlinsen GmbH.

ZEISS contact lenses offer a comprehensive programme for many indications and cosmetic needs. Each individual contact lens is a high-tech product that provides precision for the eyes.

ZEISS daily and monthly replacement lenses portfolio:


ZEISS Contact Day 30 Air

Well balanced material characteristics (modulus 0.42 and Dk/t 76) ensure excellent wearing comfort. The high water content determines the low modulus and good wettability.

ZEISS Contact Day 30 spheric

ZEISS monthly replacement lenses with extensive range of powers for daily wear.

ZEISS Contact Day 30 colours

Coloured ZEISS monthly replacement lenses available in 8 different 1 0r 3 coloured iris prints. The colour particles are enclosed in polymer.

ZEISS Contact Day 1 Easy Wear

Extra thin ZEISS daily replacement lens with spherical aberration correction.

ZEISS Contact Day 30 toric

Toric ZEISS monthly replacement lens for daily wear.


Extremely compatibleand effective all-in-one ZEISS solution for all soft contact lenses.

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