Snow goggles from ZEISS

Dynamic and stylish with excellent optics for all winter sports demands

Based on long-standing optics expertise and ZEISS's established quality, ZEISS snow goggles have been developed specially for alpine winter sports. They protect your eyes from the sun, snow, rain and wind – and especially against the aggressive ultraviolet rays found in high mountain ranges. They provide 100 percent protection against solar UVA and UVB rays up to 380 nanometres.

The functional and stylish ZEISS snow goggle collection combines design and high optical performance. After all, clear and sharp vision is essential while skiing or snowboarding. The ZEISS snow goggle lenses are tested at our Carl Zeiss Sunlens labs in Italy to ensure that they provide clear and uncompromising vision.

ZEISS snow goggles are available in three different designs, each with two types of reflective coating. The collection comprises a range of different models in various colours for all weather conditions, sizes and features. An important factor for all spectacle wearers; a clip insert for customised spectacle lenses can be easily attached to ZEISS snow goggles on request.

Lens functions:

  • 100% protection against solar UVA and UVB rays
  • High resistance to breakage
  • Outer surface of lens is extremely scratch resistant
  • Mirror is highly durable and has a long life performance
  • Anti-fog coating

Frame functions:

  • Maximum wearing comfort and lovely soft velvet face protection on the inside of the frame
  • Suitable for use in combination with a helmet
  • Stylish design


ZEISS snow goggles: the models at a glance

Note on care and cleaning:

Simply clean your ZEISS snow goggles using lukewarm water; if they are really dirty, use a neutral cleaning agent. Then rinse them quickly and allow them to dry. Do not use any organic solvents to clean your goggles. BE CAREFUL: do not wipe the inside of the lenses dry or rub it excessively. This way the anti-fog coating will not become damaged and the surface won't get scratched. Do not clean your snow goggles using wet cleaning wipes!