Service & support for ZEISS instruments

ZEISS has been a leader in precision optics for 160 years.

ZEISS instruments in particular have revolutionized the consultation and analysis process. They are essential to being able to better adjust spectacles and therefore to create better vision.

ZEISS measurement and analysis instruments, such as i.Profilerplus®, i.Polatest® and i.Terminal® 2 are already in use around the world. They are key to creating an individual vision profile for each individual and crafting an optimal vision solution.

ZEISS offers business solutions for eye care professionals from a single source. ZEISS instruments and consultation tools are a reliable partner thanks to instrument warranties, a service hotline, installation support for instruments and a range of replacement instruments. Regular product training courses ensure efficient and safe use of ZEISS instruments for first-time and experienced users alike.

Data management and ordering systems allow for easy networking of instruments and enable a smooth online lens ordering process from Carl Zeiss Vision.

i.Com: the network-ready ZEISS communication software

A storage system and control center all in one: Just log into the network from the i.Com server and you can communicate with all devices and access your data from any PC in the network. Thanks to standardized interfaces to your management software, i.Com can be easily integrated into your sales process.

LOGON®: the online ordering system

An analysis and consultation session is never complete without ordering: LOGON® is the simple and reliable online ordering and consultation system from Carl Zeiss Vision for ZEISS precision lenses.

LOGON® integrates a range of processes to make the ordering and consultation process simpler, faster and more efficient. Information is never lost as the data saved in i.Com is automatically transferred to LOGON® for ordering and calculation of ZEISS precision lenses.