Lens fitting & consultation by ZEISS

Maximum precision and comprehensibility for satisfied patients.

The key to effective precision eyeglass lenses is precise determination of all centration data for the eyeglass lens and a tailored eyeglass configuration that the patient can understand.

i.Terminal® 2: manual measurement is a thing of the past.

i.Terminal® 2 is a next-generation centration system that allows you to perform all fitting measurements in a fast, simple and precise way.

i.Terminal® 2 precisely measures the required centration parameters (such as monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle and back vertex distance) as part of an automated process in less than 60 seconds.

i.Terminal® 2 enables you to provide a premium patient experience and spending more valuable time on the lens consultation.

Your benefits:

  • Avoid typical fitting errors that can reduce lens performance by over 40%.
  • Position of lenses in front of the eyes is calculated to 1/10 of a millimeter.
  • Autofocus & proprietary vergence control technology always ensures precise measurement.
  • Can be easily adapted for patients ranging from children to basketball players (110 - 195 cm eye height).

All measurement data from the i.Terminal® 2 is immediately saved to the i.Com data management system, where it can be used for future consultations or eyeglass lens orders.

i.Terminal® 2 received the coveted reddot design award 2011 for its outstanding design.

i.Terminal® 2 received the coveted reddot design award 2011 for its outstanding design.

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i.Terminal® 2 Factsheet (PDF, 2 pages, 2 MB)

i.Demo™: the interactive demonstration tool for ZEISS precision lenses

Fully animated and intuitive to use: i.Demo™ marks a milestone in patient consultation. Demonstrate key product advantages in a simple and impressive way, with standard ZEISS quality.

The new demonstration software provides impressive images for demonstrating the characteristic features of ZEISS lenses, ranging from the specific advantages of various materials to coatings and sun protection. In-depth explanations help patients to understand the capabilities of their individualized lenses.

Divided into consumer and expert mode it offers in- depth explanations to help patients understand the capabilities of their individualised lenses.

i.Demo™ - Consumer Mode


i.Demo™ - Consumer Mode