Examination & refraction by ZEISS

Optimum vision and short adjustment periods are not possible without precision refraction.

Subjective refraction together with objective measurement of visual acuity, even with heavily dilated pupils, are the basis for modern eyeglass lens determination.

i.Profiler plus®: For precise generation and display of the eye profile.

i.Profilerplus® from ZEISS combines an autorefractometer, wavefront aberrometer, corneal topographer and keratometer in one fully automated device that measures in less than 30 seconds.

Your benefits:

  • Precise profile of the eyes – comparable with a fingerprint: the data calculated is transferred to the customized ZEISS lens with an accuracy of up to 1/100 D.
  • Comfortable, fast and precise eye measurement


The result: customized spectacles with i.Scription® technology for improved color and contrast vision as well as better vision at night.

The measurement data of the i.Profilerplus® is saved to the i.Com data management system in real-time and can be used for future consultations, ordering and archiving without the need for further measurements. Regularly offered updates ensure efficient work.

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i.Profilerplus® Factsheet (PDF, 2 pages, 2.6 MB)

i.Polatest®: optimum eye glass lens determination for sharp vision and spatial perception

The ZEISS brand and Polatest® have remained the perfect choice for custom determination of refraction for over 50 years. i.Polatest® from ZEISS measures both eyes to precisely determine how the eyes interact and give you sharp vision and spatial perception. The most common monocular tests can be called up individually on the device.

Modern LCD technology with a user-friendly touch screen makes i.Polatest® the perfect partner in the examination room.

The benefits for patients:

  • Optimum vision and maximum wearer tolerance thanks to precise refraction.
  • Optimum stereo vision and visual comfort through analysis of the interaction of both eyes.
  • Optimum visual clarity and stereoscopic perception in all situations.

i.Polatest® for optimum distance

Download digital brochure

i.Polatest® Factsheet (PDF, 2 pages, 2.6 MB)