Low vision devices for work: When better vision is just not good enough

ZEISS precision loupes for all who have to have a sharp eye for detail in their jobs

Teleloupe spectacles are ideal for professionals such as dentists or precision engineers who need to be able to achieve the ultimate in precision in their work, even with tiny objects. But only customised solutions featuring highest technical precision ensure that professionals get what they need in their everyday work: precise and fatigue-free vision down to the very last detail.

Are you a dentist, dental technician or dermatologist and do you perform minor surgical procedures in your practice? Are you a precision or electrical engineer, restorer, jeweller or beautician? Then you know how important it is to be able to see even the smallest details precisely and comfortably. But what points should you pay attention to when buying a low vision device and what is the latest state of the art?


ZEISS G 2.5 TTL with 2.5x magnification plus LED illumination and Saphiro2

The size of the field of view is the key factor for low vision devices used in professional applications. The user must be able to see the entire field of action. Therefore, the size of the field of view must be optimised for the teleloupe spectacles and head-worn loupes from Carl Zeiss Vision.

But Carl Zeiss Vision goes even further: the low vision device must be tailored to the personal requirements of each user. The new innovative G 2.5 TTL teleloupe spectacles have therefore been designed as a Galilean-type system  for which both the eyepieces of the optics and the carrier lenses of the spectacles are available with prescription. Therefore, each G 2.5 TTL teleloupe system is unique and features optimum ZEISS quality. Your ZEISS optician will precisely match your teleloupe spectacles to your centring data. Your personalised teleloupe spectacles will then be specially produced for you on the basis of this data. This ensures that you will see a distortion-free, high-contrast image.

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles and explanation from the consumer folder.

Last but not least, relaxed and fatigue-free work is also very important – despite or indeed because of the use of a low vision device. The optimum matching of magnification and working distance ensures a relaxed, almost upright posture – regardless of body size and work situation. ZEISS teleloupe systems ensure convenient work and an excellent view of details. Their special frame with temples and headband enables these systems to be perfectly fitted on the head.


The Saphiro2 LED illumination system is an ideal match for the teleloupe systems from Carl Zeiss Vision. It provides reliable, shadow-free and precise illumination with very bright light similar to daylight. Furthermore, it is a real featherweight that does not disturb the wearer. The system is powered by a battery.

Unrestricted movement is retained. The Saphiro2 LED illumination system can be attached to all head-worn loupes from Carl Zeiss Vision.

Checklist: Quality criteria for low vision devices

  • Maximum imaging quality,
  • and largest possible field of view
    >> As the field of view decreases with increasing magnification, it is extremely important that the best possible optics are selected, but with the lowest magnification necessary. This is the only way to avoid rapid eye fatigue.
  • AR-coated lens surfaces for maximum visibility
  • Light and bright illumination system
  • Low vision devices are matched to specific tasks and situations and optimised to meet the individual requirements of the users. The optimum matching of magnification and working distance is taken into account for each user.
  • Easy to use, reliable and convenient to wear.

More about the topic

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Working with precision down to even the finest detail. ZEISS Teleloupe Systems.
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Further low vision devices from the Carl Zeiss Vision line for professional users

GTX Teleloupe Spectacles

GTX Teleloupe Spectacles

Objects in the close-up range are seen stereoscopically (i.e. in 3D) with 2x or 2.5x magnification. GTX Teleloupe Spectacles are available for several fixed working distances from 300 to 500 mm, and short-sightedness or long-sightedness can be corrected. Like normal prescription eyewear, GTX teleloupe spectacles are fitted by eyecare professionals.

KS head-worn loupes

KS head-worn loupes

The outstanding wearing comfort of KS head-worn loupes is achieved with a system carrier (headband) that can be adjusted to any head size and shape thanks to its versatile setting possibilities.