Contrast Beyond Resolution Online Seminar

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Seminar Overview

The final day of the Electronics Week series focuses on ZEISS and partner solutions for the advanced packaging industry. Non-destructive imaging with an industry-leading X-Ray microscopy platform and developments in advanced machine learning to enhance image quality and high throughput will be presented. The importance of microstructural and material characterization and analysis of semiconductor die and electronic packages will be presented by Oxford Instruments. The final event will present the ZEISS Crossbeam laser applications in failure analysis and development of electronic packages with a live demo on the Crossbeam laser. ​

Who should attend this webinar:​
Failure analysts and engineers, R&D and Product Development Engineers, Technology Development Managers at fabless design houses, foundries, service labs, and IDMs

Speaker Bio

ZEISS produces the visualization systems for microsurgery at its site in Oberkochen and at other locations.

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This ia live webinar taking place on the 8th of December, 2:00 PM TST

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