ZEISS Microscopy

ZEISS Webinar : Object Research Systems Webinar

August 14, Friday | 9.00 AM TST

Dragonfly is a software platform for the intuitive inspection of multi-scale multi-modality image data. Providing user-friendly experience, high-impact visuals, and powerful quantitative findings, Dragonfly Pro enables high-definition exploration into the details and properties of volumetric image data sets. This presentation will introduce the basic and advanced features of Dragonfly Pro, including deep learning and bone analysis. The operation demo/training will guide the audience with a complete workflow for inspecting, presenting, and quantifying a 3D image dataset.

Speaker - Dr. Cao Zixiong 

Dr. Zixiong Cao has a background as a researcher in Biomedical
Engineering. Now as the Director of Sales and Support in
Asia, Dr. Cao exhibits and gives workshops for the ORS
Dragonfly software in most of the Asian countries. In this user
group meeting in Taiwan, Dr. Cao will present the latest
Dragonfly Pro features and show the typical workflows in a
few application domains

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