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RISE Correlative Microscopy: Combining Raman Imaging and SEM

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RISE Microscopy enables enhanced characterization of sensitive 2D materials. It combines the advantages of confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) by incorporating them into one instrument. Therefore, RISE Microscopy does not only offer the sensitivity of the non-destructive Raman technique – it also provides the high-resolution imaging capabilites of an SEM. 

This is important to assess the quality of 2D materials and thus determine their suitability for use in electronic devices. Because of their exceptional electronic and optical properties, 2D materials are considered as very attractive for electronics design, promising higher performance and lower power consumption. RISE Microscopy reveals critical defects in the materials' properties, such as wrinkles and foldings, thus helping to identify the right strategy for their successfull integration with electronic devices.

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  • Introduction to the Technology
  • Experimental Setup
  • Measurements
  • Summary
White Paper - RISE Microscopy

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