The Smart Alternative to Tabletop SEMs

The decision to purchase a tabletop-type scanning electron microscope (also known as desktop SEM or benchtop SEM) is often justified by these advantages:

  • Easy to use for non-expert users
  • Short time to result and high throughput
  • Small footprint in the laboratory
  • Lower costs compared to conventional SEMs

But it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the supposed advantages of tabletop solutions come at the price of a significant restriction in functionality, analytical options and data quality.

Combine the advantages of tabletop and full-size SEM

If you are about to invest in a tabletop scanning electron microscope, first look at ZEISS EVO 10 SEM. EVO 10 offers the functionality of a conventional SEM while also providing the speed and ease of use commonly associated with tabletop solutions—all at a very attractive price.

EVO 10 is easy to use even for non-microscopists
SmartSEM Touch UI puts interactive workflow control directly at your fingertips. It is quick and easy to learn, dramatically reducing training effort and costs. Within minutes, even new users will begin capturing stunning images. EVO 10 also supports industrial operators who require automated workflows for repeatable inspection tasks.

EVO 10 leads quickly and efficiently to the result
EVO needs only about 1 minute to vent the vacuum chamber, so you can exchange samples and resume imaging within a very short time. Additionally, automation functions for unattended operation let you make the most of your valuable laboratory time.

EVO 10 can also be used in small laboratories
The space requirement for EVO is only slightly greater than that of tabletop solutions. To determine the space actually required, you also must consider the size of the operator workstation, which on EVO can be adjusted individually, so that even smaller laboratories do not have to do without the power of a full-featured SEM.

EVO 10 provides a superior price-performance ratio
Would it surprise you to know that the EVO 10 is price competitive with tabletop SEM? And, ROI with EVO is reached much earlier because it offers greater versatility. Attractive financing models, like CPOI (Customer Pre- Owned Instruments) also enable you to tailor a SEM solution to meet your immediate – and future – requirements.

Outstanding performance and quality features

The superior price–performance ratio of EVO 10 becomes particularly clear when compared to the limited possibilities of a tabletop system:

  ZEISS EVO 10 Tabletop systems

Large chamber
Examine large samples or multiple samples to increase efficiency.

5-axis motorized stage
View samples from different angles – up to 90° tilt – without time-consuming rearrangement.

Better navigation
Identify regions of interest faster. Low magnification (5x) overview imaging make navigation easier.

Higher resolution
Examine your samples in detail down to the range of a few nanometers.

Additional detectors
Run advanced analysis with additional detectors to characterize your samples more comprehensively.

Lowest acceleration voltage of 200 V
Investigate non-conductive samples without the need for coating or other preparation methods.

Extendable system
Expand your system to add new capabilities, like automated particle analysis or analysis of hydrated samples.

Correlative microscopy
Integrate EVO into multimodal workflows with light or X-ray microscopes and benefit from more meaningful data.

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