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Get Unique Insights into Your Biological Samples with Non-destructive 3D X-ray Microscopy

Explore the wide range of applications for X-ray microscopy in life sciences

Non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging preserves and extends the use of your valuable samples. Benefit from extending your research beyond the limits of basic projection-based micro-and nano-CT systems. Achieve images with a spatial resolution of 0.7 µm and minimum achievable voxel of 70 nm:

  • Work in simulated conditions (in situ) – or study the evolution of your samples’ microstructures over time
  • Advanced absorption and phase contrast for low Z materials and soft tissue
  • World-leading resolution and contrast with flexible working distances
  • Achieve the highest resolution even at the largest working distance from the source
  • Weight capability up to 25 kg and sample size up to 300 mm
  • Minimal need for sample preparation

Researchers use these capabilities to quantify osteocyte properties for bone morphology (lacunae and canaliculi), map neuronal networks, study vasculature, understand the development of bio structures, image microtubules in dentin, bioscaffolds for tissue engineering, and nanoparticle agglomerations in organic materials.

Discover the infographic below to get a quick overview of the possibilites of X-ray microscopy. For more info on how researchers utilized X-ray microscopy in life sciences, please read the reference list of peer-reviewed publications.

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Download the reference list and understand how X-ray microscopy has been utilized for biological samples

Download the reference list to see how researchers utilized X-ray microscopy for different categories of biological samples and how they were prepared:

  • Plantae/Protista
  • Insects & Spiders
  • Murine
  • Aquatic Life Amphibians
Reference list - Biological Sample XRM Imaging

Reference List Download

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