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Three Examples of ZEISS Digital Classrooms

What do teachers say about digital classrooms from ZEISS?

Three teachers are giving insights why and how they use Digital Classrooms from ZEISS. 

University of Exeter

Dr. Mark Ramsdale, the director of education at the Department of Biosciences, University of Exeter, UK, tells about his experiences with the digital classroom and ZEISS microscopes. Teaching and learning get much more fun with connected microscopes, helping students getting better results. That’s what the university wants.

School for Medical Laboratory Technicians

Christiane Maschek, head of school for Medical Laboratory Technicians in Hannover, Germany, shares her experiences with the digital classroom and ZEISS microscopes. The MTLA training program focuses on the study of bodily fluids and tissue samples to detect pathogens in the fields of histology, clinical chemistry, microbiology and hematology. A microscope is one of the most important tools. By connecting them with one another to a digital classroom, you can view live images from all of the microscopes and detect and discuss pathogens and structures together.

Hainberg Gymnasium Goettingen

Paul Muehlenhoff, biology teacher at the Hainberg-Gymnasium, Goettingen, Germany, uses the digital classroom to engage his biology students by showing images with a projector at the front, at the same time he can constantly see what his students are seeing on their microscopes. This way he can better support them and create a fun, and motivating learning atmosphere.

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