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How the Digital Classroom Improves Student Engagement

See the possibilities of a digitalized classroom in action

The ZEISS Digital Classroom is managed by the app 'Labscope', serving as a central interface for managing the course and interacting with the students.

Labscope lets you display all the live images from all the connected microscopes at any time and from anywhere in the room and observe how your students are doing in real-time. Project images from any microscope onto the wall or a TV screen and discuss what students are seeing with the whole class. As you move freely around the room, 'lecture & listen' becomes 'show & see'. Labscope works on traditional Windows PCs and tablets, iPads, and iPhones with the same consistent look and feel.

The Labscope Teacher module within Labscope lets you set up, organize, and manage your digital classroom. Define your classroom structure and workgroups of students, assign tasks, raise attention by freezing individual screens, alter and correct image settings on students microscopes remotely, and use your personal cloud to share results in real-time.

ZEISS Labscope lets your students engage and collaborate

Below, three selected functions of Labscope are shown in action: the pointer and the drawing function, as well as the Labscope Teacher module.

Pointer Function

The pointer function of ZEISS Labscope allows the teacher or a student to point the class towards interesting details or tiny structures of their shared microscopy image. A red mark will appear anytime you highlight structural details with a tip of your finger.

Drawing Function

Guided by Pestalozzi's learning principle to include 'head', 'heart' and 'hands', the drawing of biological or medical samples enhances your students capacity for abstraction and imagination. The drawing function of ZEISS Labscope enables the students to draw their microscopy images and easily share and save their results.

Labscope Teacher Module

Expand your Labscope installation with the optional Teacher module to set up and manage your digital classroom. You can now define workgroups of students, assign tasks, and foster teamwork.

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